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NameCrossFit Danville
OwnerDusty Sulon
Address3470 Fostoria Way Suite B
Danville, CA 94526

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Habits are developped. Whether they are good or bad is the choice you make! Here are a couple of great ones that I do daily outside of the gym, that helps me inside the gym!

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Never miss a Monday! #buildafitcommunity

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Last week to turn in money for Dodger Trip on Friday, August 28th. Tickets are $40 for the Right Field Pavilion (all you can eat section). Party Bus is $25 (optional).

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In Today's Mobility Monday video, Coach Anthony demonstrates several strategies for working out tension near the top of the calf. The primary muscle we are targeting here is Gastrocnemius, and is one of the main muscles that creates the lower leg. Gastrocnemius runs the entire length of the calf, originating from the behind the knee and inserting behind the heel. [ 194 more words. ]

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noellelliott published the post The Gym is My Sanctuary on Tabata Times
On Sunday morning I go to church. Well, on most Sunday mornings. I have since I was a kid. I sit in...
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All new #intersectone cycle starts today! Read all about the program in the training section of the Intersect Athletics Mobile App. Available in your App Store for iPhone and Android. Get it free now!

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#Warriors, start your Monday off right by squatting your face off! Oh, and if you see this friendly face around, please say hello! Introducing, Derby! #TrojanCrossfit #Crossfit #Squats #Wallballs #PullUps #boxdog #DTLA

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Ohana, one of our gym dogs is missing! If you could spread this around that'd be great. #buildafitcommunity

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***Athlete Profile*** Larissa Murray-25, Project Assistant/Contract Administrator – New Wave My very first experience with Crossfit was with a box back home in PA about 5 years ago. I had a friend from high school who had just started coaching, so I went there a couple of times to see what it was all about. I didn’t continue at that box after those first couple classes. Black Diamond is where my real Crossfit journey began at the end of May 2014. I believe my first WOD involved KBS, GHD sit-ups & one other movement that I can’t think of at the moment. I remember feeling like if that workout was just a small taste of what Crossfit had in store for me, I was excited for more. My favorite type of movement would have to be the snatch, because it’s for me it’s the most challenging & rewarding. As for my favorite WOD, definitely a chipper. Least Favorite movement: Thrusters, thrusters thrusters, & any WOD that involves thrusters. One day we’ll like each other :) Sports background: I’ve played soccer since I could play, so about 5 years old up until I graduated high school. I’ve continued playing in adult leagues here & there. Before Crossfit, I went to a “globo gym” & worked out a few times a week. Since being at Black Diamond, I’ve started playing in a softball league as well. My favorite moments at Black Diamond would be seeing people reach personal goals/records. Some of the movements we do aren’t necessarily a walk in the park for most people just getting started, so to see people make the strides with fundamentals & see them payoff in the form of PR’s is exciting. The friends I’ve made are also one of my favorite takeaways from my experience at CFBD. Any advice for people just getting started? Focus on those FUNdamentals, especially for the Olympic lifts. They’re challenging, but if you continue to practice them the safe & correct way, you’ll be reaching your personal goals & records quicker than you might think. Also take full advantage of the coaching quality we have at Black Diamond, there’s no better box to just be getting started. Have fun! Interests outside of CrossFit: I enjoy pretty much anything outdoors. My wife & I try to stay pretty active with our 3 pups. I love football, so when the NFL season starts, I’m watching that every Sunday, Monday & Thursday.

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Hopefully many of you completed the July pull up challenge and found major improvements. Post your results to comments! We'd love to hear about how your hard work and dedication paid off. With that, I'd like to offer another challenge for the month of August, PUSH UPS! We'll do two push ups for every day of the month, so today do 6. Who's in?! WOD 08.03.2015 Back Squat AMRAP 10 1,2,3,4,... Ground to shoulder (185/123) Toes 2 bar Push up (w/feet on 45# plate)

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markg published the post 6 Ways In Which Naturopathy Treatment Helps Restore Your Health on
A holistic approach of treatment, Naturopathy cures or heals all individuals in a natural way and...
Nick Porterfield, D.C. published the post The Paradox of Watching the CrossFit Games on
The CrossFit Games got great coverage this year on the ESPN.  It's the best and the worst thing to...
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Monday, August 3 -

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Vault 2.0 is landed! Get ready to rock this joint! We open Monday August 3 at 6 am! Check it out! We can't wait to meet all the cool #crossfit kids in #vannuys and #shermanoaks - lets get this! 14942 Delano St! Stay tuned for our grand opening party!!!

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WOD for Monday 8/3/15: *2 min: quad mash, couch stretch *1 min: doorway stretch, hamstring mash 1. Warm Up (200M then 15 pass throughs, 1 rd body, 1 rd barbell then 15 pass throughs) 2. Strength: 3,3,3,3,3 of; -Back Squat 3. WOD 1- 21,15,9 of: -Goblet Squats (1.5,1) -Push Ups -KBS 4. WOD 2- 21,15,9 of: -Burpees -OH KB Lunge (21 each leg then switch, then 15, etc.) -Ring Dips *no rest between WOD 1 and WOD 2

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"Every workout is about how hard you can kick your own ass and still keep going." CrossFit Central Athlete Nick Brown getting it in yesterday morning.

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Function 8/3/2015 Beginner Intermediate Advanced Roll Out Outer Quad Warm Up 2 mins. 1 Shuttle Run, 3 NPU Burpees 2 mins. 20 Single Unders, 5 Squats 20 Duck Walk Steps 10 Scorpions 10 Iron Cross Mobility Criss Cross Pigeon Skill Spotting and Ditching the bar on a Back Squat WOD A. Build up to 1RM Front SquatB. Build up to 1RM… [ 74 more words. ]

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The new programming cycle starts tomorrow. This is initial test week. Start the cycle off right, get in the gym every day this week.

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Monday: Happy birthday Kristina!! 3 Rounds 15 Wall Balls 14#/10# 15 Burpees Then: 3 Rounds 10 Med Ball sit ups 10 Overhead Lunges w/Med Ball Then: 3 Rounds 200 meter Run 10 DB Hang clean & jerk 35#/20#

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Monday, 3 August 2015 I. Strength Back Squat 2 - 4 sets of Warm Up 5 x 5 (50% of 2RM) II. WOD Death by... Burpees - Odd minutes Wall Balls (20/15) - Even minutes

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Monday, Aug. 3rd WOD: A. Find a new 1RM Back Squat B. For reps: Tabata squats Tabata ab mat sit ups

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Thanks to all who turned it up yesterday at our Free Community WOD. You're welcome to come sweat with us anytime!

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Paradiso CrossFit posted an article
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Important read and share.

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Team Trident takes on the stairs at Unleashed at Stadium Bowl!!! Way to go, athletes!!!

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Come try out the new Xendurance products on our shelf! Xendurance will be at CFER to sample products and answer questions tomorrow, 8/3, and at Merge on Tuesday, 8/4. We'll see you there!

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Come in, work hard, then go watch the Blue Angels!!

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CrossFit Counter Culture - Group Class Warm-up 30 Single Under 6-Perfect Stretch 30 Double Under 12- Pull Up 30 Rev Single 18-Good Morning 15- single footed double under (each leg) 24- Push Up 5 min mobility your choice Metcon Metcon (Time) 20 Deadlifts 255/180 Run 400m 20 KB swings 70/55 Run 200m 20 Overhead Squats 115/80 Run 400m 20 Burpees Run 200m 20 Pullups Run 400m 20 Box jumps 24/20" Run 200m 20 DB Squat Cleans 40/25 Run 400m

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7/31/15 EMOM 12 min 1 press @ 90% 4 pistols 2 push-ups

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31July2015 #CrossFitAnacortes #SweatAngels #WOD #frontsquat #ghd #lotsofreps #arewedoneyet #nopegettingstronger

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August 4th is our 101/Beginner Class! Make sure you come 5-10 mins early to meet the trainers. Bring workout clothes, shoes and a water bottle. This next week is suppose to be hot. Our classes are on Tuesday and Thursday and start at 8am or 7:15pm. We can't wait to meet all of you! See you soon.

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Cardio alone is not going to get you there. Build that booty! #Squat

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Stacy so focused, although her nerves were through the roof. She made everything looks so #easy! #CrossFitAnacortes is so proud of you, and all of you accomplishments. #lifts #heavy #backsquat #deadlifts #bench #powerlifter #firstcompetition #butnotthelast

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Thanks to all volunteers and athletes Amazing day again and super proud of our community Judges did great and athletes were inspirational Thanks for being part of our family Cheers

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Congratulations to everybody that competed in the Downpour Games and thank you to those who came out and supported them! Team Tough Love: Leah and TJ placed 8th in Mixed RX, Team Just the Kip: Matt and Justin placed 6th in Scaled Mens's Pairs, Team BJ: Jayme and Billy placed 14th in Mixed RX, and Jermaine placed 6th individually!